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A room full of modernity

A living area featuring imitation waxed concrete and brimming with modernity

Eléonore's home

Eléonore @montoutmontoit.deco
Project type
Living area renovation
52 sqm
Planks & Tiles, Virtuo 30 clic, Latina beige

A room full of modernity

On her Instagram account at @montoutmontoit.deco, Eléonore shares all her DIY life hacks and ideas in her tutorials to prove that everyone is capable of doing their own decorating and renovations.

As a mother of two young children, she was looking for a quick and easy alternative to replacing her old ceramic tiles. She had been living in the Lyon region for more than four years and was looking to modernise her living area, which comprises her lounge and dining room. She wanted a waxed concrete floor, but without all the associated downsides (difficult installation, complicated and costly cleaning and maintenance, ageing, etc.).

It was only natural that we offered to give her a helping hand with her renovation by suggesting our PVC tiles from the VIRTUO 30 Clic range (Latina Beige), which perfectly imitates a waxed concrete floor.

A room full of modernity

Quick and easy to install

Eléonore was aiming to carry out the makeover as quickly as possible and with minimal equipment to avoid cluttering up her busy house during the project. Armed with only a straightedge, a utility knife and a mallet, she set about laying her PVC tiles.

French-made PVC tiles

Our Virtuo 30 Clic solution belongs to the extensive range of Virtuo snap-together vinyl tiles and planks. It is part of our French-made premium collection. It also has a number of other benefits, including:

  • The Gerflor snap-together system, which avoids the need to use glue or adhesive
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Three tools for fitting the tiles: a mallet, a straightedge and a utility knife
  • A 100% recyclable French-made product

Transforming the living area: before and after

In only two little days, she completed her floor renovation project. The following photos show the result after she had laid the PVC tiles. Eléonore is amazed by the result and no longer recognises her home. She even has the impression that the flooring makes the room look larger.

She has said good riddance to her old ceramic tiles, the visible grout joints and cold feet... As she puts it so well: "It's such a relief to walk around in my socks, even during the winter!"

Living area before
Living area after

Now it's your turn!

Do you want to give your home interior a facelift without spending lots of time on the process? Are you looking for a new high-quality floor? Then go for it!

You can find our "Virtuo 30 Clic" snap-together tiles and planks on various websites and in stores by clicking here.

Feel free to follow the @gerflorhome Instagram account, discover all the product solutions and draw inspiration from the different combinations that will match your home interior. Now it's your turn!

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